Top 13 U.S. Job Cuts in 2022

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It all started in May 2022 and has only gotten bigger and bigger, with the latest being Cisco with 83k people getting fired. Companies are "rebalancing across the board". While only 5% of Cisco's workforce will be affected by this, the numbers are still quite staggering. 


But hey—I've got your back! If you're on a H1B visa, and wondering what to do about buying or selling a house, call me for any kind of real estate assistance. Now, here are the top 13 job cuts of this year in the U.S..


Nov. 16, 2022: 83k at Cisco

Nov. 9, 2022: 11k at Meta

Nov. 16, 2022: 10k at Amazon

Sept. 2, 2022: 5k at Credit Suisse

July 12, 2022: 4.8k at Loan Depot

Oct. 25, 2022: 4k at Philips

Nov. 3, 2022: 3.7k at Twitter

Aug. 22, 2022: 3k at Ford

Nov. 8, 2022: 2.5k at Salesforce

May 21, 2022: 2.5k at Carvana

Oct. 18, 2022: 1.8k at Microsoft

Oct. 13, 2022: Thousands (undisclosed number) at Oracle

Oct. 12, 2022: Thousands (undisclosed number) at Intel 


Got a water bill for $3033 when the family was vacationing outside!

I recently had a client who recently bought a house here in San Jose, and they were shocked to receive a water bill that was $3,033! After calling around, the San Jose Water Company told them it was an error—and changed the bill to $113.

The reason they were shocked was because they didn't stay in the house during half the month of October —they were on vacation. As soon as they got the huge water bill, they began checking for any leaks in their house or any other problems that could have caused such an expensive mistake. And luckily for them, there were no leaks—just a misunderstanding with the billing system.

If you're going to receive a high water bill, now is the time to inspect your property for possible leaks! If all is well, don't be afraid to call your local provider. Sometimes mistakes happen!


How to prepare for a potential layoff

First, take stock of your ‘personal professional economy,' what do employment and job openings look like in your industry? What are you seeing and hearing from the people in your industry? A lot of times, when we're facing tough times, we tend to only focus on external factors—but if you want to build up your personal brand and make sure that you're ready for anything, take some time now to assess your own internal resources too.


Next, take stock of your finances: have three months of a cash reserve; cut down on expenses where possible; think about ways you can boost your ‘professional resiliency’ by building up things like online profiles or attending workshops or seminars related to whatever field interests you most—and always be sure that whatever work you do is something that makes sense for who YOU are as a person.