How a 20K Mistake Cost my Client $1.85M

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Real Estate

Imagine losing a whopping 1.85 million dollars just because of one wrong decision. It may sound unbelievable, but it actually happened to my client in Santa Clara. You won't believe the story, and trust me, you don't want to miss it! Let's dig deeper into what went wrong and learn from their costly mistake.

My client had their heart set on a beautiful house listed for 1.9 million dollars. We got super excited and made an offer of 1.85 million, hoping to snag a fantastic deal, a difference of 50K from the listing price.

The seller, wanting a higher offer, came back with a request for an extra 20K. Sadly, my client got influenced by the wrong people and thought that they needed to pay that extra amount to close the deal.

Little did they know, another buyer understood the true value of the property and offered a whopping 50K more than the asking price. In the end, the house got sold for 50K more than what my client had offered.

This unfortunate incident reminds us all of how important it is to rely on real estate experts when making such big decisions. We should base our choices on market knowledge and careful analysis, rather than just going by the opinions of family or friends.

In the competitive Bay Area market, decisions need to be made quickly. Santa Clara, in particular, has experienced a rise in property prices, and that same house my client missed out on is now priced at over 2 million dollars.

Always remember, whether you're buying or selling, the real estate market can be tough. Take this story to heart and make informed decisions. If you want to learn how I saved my client $50,000 through my real estate knowledge, you must check out the next video. It's a game-changer!